Climbing a Tower Crane

Why Climb A Tower Crane?

“You climbed that?!”

This past week, I purchased a GoPro Hero4 camera to document my adventures around Austin this year. I hadn’t really gotten the chance to play with it all that much yet due to the rainy weather this past week, but today was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to find an excuse to get out and use it. When I went home today to eat lunch and play with Indy, I was struck by inspiration to mount it to my hard hat and give one of the tower cranes a quick climb! It was too perfect of a day to not see Austin from above, and I have always heard from a lot of friends that they would like to climb a tower crane sometime, so I thought I would give a little preview. Enjoy!

Lessons Learned Playing with my GoPro Hero4

As this is my first video I shot with it, I am still getting the hang of things and using the GoPro software to edit. A few lessons learned, so when you all go buy one immediately after watching this:

  • My voice sounds incredibly muffled because I forgot to switch the doors on the housing so it was sitting in the completely waterproof housing which will muffle the microphone. It was also incredibly windy out and any time I touched my hard hat I feel like it made the feed back from the noise a million times worse. I’ll definitely be using the open door any time I intend to talk in a video.
  • I didn’t think it through in regards to where I stuck the mount on my hard hat. I put it on the side, put the camera up, looked great! So I stuck it. However, when it’s actually mounted to the hat, a part of the hard hat shows and no matter what angle it is in it. The 3M sticky pads that come with the GoPro are INCREDIBLY strong. This is good because I didn’t have to worry about it coming undone at all as I got higher, but unfortunately in this case as it appears that mount is now permanently bonded to my hard hat in that spot. I’ll try to really pry it off later without breaking it, but for now it is stuck. This sucks because it only comes with two mounts, but I recently ordered this accessory kit and am looking forward to having a lot more tools to play with. I’ll definitely be reviewing it when I get it.
  • To continue with the above, mounting to the side vs directly in front. I don’t know exactly why I went with this over a mount directly in front. I have a full-brim hard hat that would have supported it nicely. The only basis I had for making this call was that I saw a guy riding a motorcycle in this configuration earlier and he looked happy enough, so why not? Maybe on a motorcycle that configuration was better, but not in this video I was trying to shoot. It was kind of akwardly positioned, and felt real odd on my head and didn’t have the same line of sight as what I am looking at. You’ll notice in the video there are a few times I am gesturing too or pointing at that isn’t obvious to what I am talking about. From how I was seeing it, I was pointing directly at it but it was way off in the video. I feel like if it would have been front and center of my hard hat it may have been more obvious.
  • As I watched the finished product, I think this definitely ran a bit on the long side as far as videos go. I could have done a much better job editing, but I posted on Facebook earlier that I would have something up tonight and I didn’t want to disappoint. I perhaps won’t post something like that in the future before I even have it half way edited, as it took way longer to edit than I thought it would and for whatever reason it took almost a hour to upload to YouTube (though I am sure I can thank Time Warner for that).


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