Love Field Modernization Program

About the Dallas Love Field Modernization Program

“The original purpose of Love Field (as a commercial travel hub) may have shifted with the opening of DFW International Airport, but Southwest continued to operate as an intrastate airline, servicing all major Texas cities. It wasn’t until 1979 that Southwest began operating outside of Texas, but with the Wright Amendment, travel was still restricted to only bordering states – Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico. In the following decades the states that Southwest could serve would grow, and many carriers would serve Love Field at various times. The Airport saw tremendous upgrades including a new air traffic control tower, replacement of the original red Terminal façade to the current metallic look, larger security check points and the construction of a multi-level parking garage, what is now known as Parking Garage A.

The Love Field Modernization Program (LFMP) was created in 2009 to accommodate the expected increase in traffic as a result of the release of the Wright Amendment on Oct. 13, 2014, which allows nonstop flights from Love Field across the U.S. LFMP is a joint effort by the City of Dallas and Southwest Airlines to expand and transform Dallas Love Field Airport into a convenient, modern airport for travelers.”

Source: Love Field Modernization Program

My Role on the Love Field Modernization Program

As a field engineer on my first project after graduation from Purdue, my role was primarily to assist the superintendents in managing our subcontractors performing the civil, site work, underground utilities, and roadway improvements scopes of work. After a quick nine months in Dallas, I was given a great opportunity to move to Galveston. Two weeks later, I was moved in and getting ready to break ground on the Jennie Sealy Replacement Hospital project.

Photo Credit: Hensel Phelps Construction Co. – Love Field Modernization Program

Love Field
Airport Overall

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