After Hour Training and Services

Through my varied experiences on some of the toughest projects Texas has to offer, I have picked up an absolute wealth of knowledge I would love to share with you.

Digital Construction Document Management and Workflow Consulting

Is managing the ever increasing amount of construction documents getting to be a nightmare? Do you need your plans hyperlinked quickly and ready to go in the morning? Do you have documents you need turned into searchable PDFs? I am able to manage most construction document control request and provide you with the training in order to manage it, or perform it overnight after you’ve gone home for the day.

Weekend Field Engineer Training and Services

After spending over two years as a field engineer with one of the biggest construction companies in the nation, I am well versed in all modern surveying tools and methods used in order to perform construction layout. I am able to offer training on most modern total stations, theodolites, and GPS as well as consult with you and your team to set up the best primary and secondary control plan for your team to be successful.

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