Jennie Sealy Hospital

About the Jennie Sealy Replacement Hospital Project

“The Jennie Sealy Hospital heralds a new era in medical education and patient care at UTMB. Every aspect of our service to the community, region and state we call home—our ability to continue producing exceptional health care professionals for a growing state, our ability to bring the latest in care to those who need us most, our ability to spur breakthroughs in the treatment of disease and injury—hinges on this facility.”

Source: Working Wonders – Jennie Sealy Hospital – University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

My Role on the Project Team

I started the project off as a field Field Engineer with a small elite team whom built the structure consisting of (at my time of departure from project @ 7th floor) 25,000 yards of concrete caps, slabs, walls, floors, decks, beams, and girders. I was responsible for primary and secondary control of the project as well as a key part of the field engineering team that was solely responsible for all working control and layout for all self perform labor as well as all subcontractors working on the project. We specialized in utilizing new technology to increase our productivity. I also coordinated drawings in order to produce a “Lift Drawing” for all concrete placements. These drawings are then used by field engineers and craft to put work in place as well as lead field engineering team in utilization of Revit for production tracking, estimating material quantities, and trade coordination. I was also responsible for managing the concrete schedule and ordering, and helped to maintain a waste of less than 3%. Around June of 2014, I was asked to start reporting to Hobby Airport in Houston to take the skills I learned here and help get a new project started.

Some photos below of the finished project.

Jennie Sealy Hospital2016-03-10_13-58-02  JSRH Bay View JSRH Room

Photo Credit (I haven’t made it down there yet to see it): UTMB to open Jennie Sealy Hospital in Galveston – Houston Business Journal